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Get the Magic Facilitator of Good Behavior! A Time Out Chair!

We offer Low Prices and Fast Service!

Order one of these TIME OUT CHAIRS so MOM can have a break!

      Frustrated moms need the gift of a time out chair!  A good way to help your child learn better behavior is the use of a time out chair.  Order one of these special time out chairs today!

  • Your child's specially designed time out chair will be a real help when it is time to discipline your child.
  • Choose one of our time out chairs that lets your child know that they are loved.  Many parents find the use of a time out chair reinforces the learning of good habits.
  • The "Day at the Zoo" time out chair can help your child remember good times at the zoo.
  • Don't let your little rascal see you smile when you send him to the "Bear Alert" time out chair!
  • Kids Painted Furniture Shop has oodles of time out chairs for MOMS needing a time out!
"Cracklin Rose" Time Out Chair by Teamson
"Friggy the Frog" Time Out Chair by Teamson
"Jaws and Claws" Dinosaur Time Out Chair
"Lil' Sports Fan" Time Out Chair
"Magic Garden" Time Out Chair
"My Friends at the Zoo" Time Out Chair by Teamson
Time Out Kids Rocker - Boy
Time Out Kids Rocker for Girls by Levels of Discovery
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