Lawn Care Tips This Fall Season

Listed below are the important lawn maintenance steps that will assist your lawn to be lush, green, and dazzling in the following year: 

Water once required 

Rain during the fall season leads to less evaporation, which gives a lot of natural moisture for the lawn to nourish itself. Regardless, you still have to regularly be updated on the amount of water your grass will get using a rain meter. When the lawn is not having more than 1 inch of moisture every week, then you must water it.  

Keep mowing 

You should never stop mowing when the fall season comes since grass won’t stop growing ’til it frosts over during the winter season. Meaning, you need to keep on cutting your turf at its usual height until it halts growing. As soon as you’re done mowing for autumn, make sure to winterize your mower. Doing so involves cleaning the air filter, changing the spark plugs and oil, and sharpening the blades.  

Apply a fertilizer that’s rich in nitrogen 

When you want your lawn to become healthier and better, don’t forget to fertilize in the fall. This process will provide your lawn with a lot of nutrients to survive the winter. Plus, it helps the grass grow even stronger during the spring season. Consequently, fall is the crucial season when you need to have your yard fertilized if you want to achieve a lush, green, and healthy lawn. Once you consider aerating in the fall season, you need to fertilize soon afterward so that you can guarantee that the nutrients will be penetrated the soil.  

Rake frequently 

As leavers fall on your yard, they tend to obstruct the sunlight. As a result, they are keeping plants from producing food. On top of that, the soggy moisture that the store could result in lawn fungi. Moreover, raking can help eliminate any thatch that might’ve accumulated. A leaf vacuum or blower will not eliminate thatch. Hence, it’s vital to frequently utilize a traditional rake. Begin raking your lawn right after you can see some falling leaves. This way, you can help such passageway exposed. Even after the leaves don’t fall anymore, you still have to keep on raking since there are still instances when the wind usually blows leaves onto your home.  

Keep up with lawn pest control 

Once you can observe a lawn pest issue on your grass, you can minimize the damage by taking action about it as soon as possible. So, weed control is extremely important to help keep up with your lawn pest control.  

Seed to fill in burned and bare areas 

Since a lot of lawn patches can due throughout the summer season, it would be ideal to reseed such areas with suitable grasses. But you have to remember that seeds that do not touch the soil will not germinate. Plus, it could be challenging to thoroughly cover an area of grass. If you want to make your lawn appear brand new and well-maintained, then don’t hesitate to ask for expert yard maintenance service in Victoria from a reputable lawn care provider near you.