The Importance of Soft Story Retrofitting  

Soft story retrofitting is a special type of construction project that is directed to making a structure, which in this case is a soft story building, more resistant to collapsing when an earthquake occurs. Everybody knows how tragic an earthquake can be. It’s a calamity that nobody wants to happen but everyone has to prepare for. 


Earthquake damage is a major concern that property owners don’t want to meddle with. But if you live in the Bay Area, particularly San Francisco, you know that earthquakes are almost a common thing. They happen very frequently, which is why the whole area is regarded as a hotspot for earthquakes.  

Every home, building, and structure in San Francisco should be earthquake-ready. This means that the building’s foundation is strong and that it can withstand tremors of varying intensity. Otherwise, the owners are not complying with the city codes and they may have to face the penalties. 

Why Retrofitting Is Needed 

Earthquakes don’t just cause property damage but also the loss of lives. While properties can easily be repaired, a lost loved one can never be brought back to life. This is the reason why retrofitting is very important. Its urgency must never be ignored. If you think you need soft story retrofit San Francisco, don’t hesitate to call the experts right away. 

Any time an earthquake occurs, an inspection of your property is necessary. This is true whether or not you own a soft story building. Earthquakes cause structural damage to buildings and retrofitters are the professionals who are most qualified to perform these inspections.  

A Retrofitter’s Job  

The job of a retrofitter is two-fold. First, they inspect the damage sustained by the property and then mitigate them. This is why hiring them after every earthquake is crucial. You don’t want to keep those damages sitting there and wait for the next earthquake to aggravate the situation. You’ll need a retrofitter to keep those damages in check and fix them as soon as possible.  

The second part of a retrofitter’s job is to enhance the structure of the building so that it will have a fighting chance against the next earthquake. This may mean adding new and stronger foundations, braces, beams, and supports to the building. The retrofitter would know what’s best for your building.  

However, you don’t have to wait for the earthquake to come before you call a San Francisco retrofitter. These professionals are available at most hours to serve property owners in the Bay Area. Call them up at your most convenient time and schedule an inspection. Any day is a good day to keep your property safe.  

Soft Story Retrofit San Francisco 

When hiring retrofitters, it is necessary that you first do a background check of the company to make sure that they’re reliable, efficient, and knowledgeable. Retrofitting is not a handyman’s job. It’s a specialized type of construction that requires not just skills and knowledge, but also licenses, permits, and certifications. Always make sure that you’re getting the best services when it comes to soft story retrofit San Francisco.